Since the pandemic in the world started to take hold around one year ago, I haven’t gone to the nail salon as often as every two weeks like I have done for the past few years. It hurts me to know that I am not able to support one of my favourite local businesses, but I do not feel comfortable sharing nail polishes and other manicure tools at the moment.

While I’ve had fun doing my own nails, it does take time to achieve the perfect polished manicure. I’m far from a pro. I recently discovered all that is Color Street nail polish strips. Making use of strips (also known as nails polish adhesives) composed of real nail polish can’t get much simpler.

I am in love with the variety of nail colors, shades, and GLITTER designs that Color Street offers. I made the most simple Valentine’s Day manicure using two sets from Color Streets’ limited edition Valentine’s Day Collection.


To create this beautiful Valentine’s Day manicure, I used strips from the Love Letter set with one red glitter from the Heart of the Matter set. I used the red glitter on my finger tips to create an accent nail.

It really is easy to apply and remove the Color Street nails with strips of polish. Just follow the directions provided with each set.

After I have prepared my nails by filing, shaping, and pushing my cuticles back, I apply the specially-designed prep pad included in each kit to wipe each nail clear.

Nowis the time to choose the right size that will match your nail size. I always go with the size that is a little larger than I imagine. The strips extend over the nail however, when aligned with your nail bed or cuticle, you must realize that this section is more narrow than the widest portion that your nails. Once the proper size is determined, I tear it into two strips and gently remove the protective film that is clear. Now, I place the strip to my nail. With the silver edge pointing towards the top of my nail, I align the bottom edge with the cuticle’s base Be careful not to get too close, and begin applying. As I said the strip was stretched but you need to be patient. Simply stretch the strip horizontally so that it can fit the width of the nail. You can also stretch the strip vertically to make the strip fit narrower. I like to keep it in my middle, applying pressure to it, smoothing it across my nail as I apply. I then “fold” the free edge over my nail and utilize the file included to cut the excess strip off. Voila – done. It’s that simple.

I am able to get the Color Street stripes to last at least two weeks, but I’m fairly gentle with my nails. To get them off, apply regular manicure and cotton pads.

Color Street nail strip can be purchased through independent reps such as my dear friend Michelle. Purchase from her official site here: Michelle always gives great buy 3 get 1 free discounts!

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