I have a mix of blonde and brunette hair. It’s not natural , and I’m willing to admit it. I have been dying my hair lighter and different colors of brunette for about 30 years.

Maintaining hair that is blonde is not an easy task. Due to the bleach, ammonia and peroxide combined with hair styling products and heat products my hair is subjected to serious damage. Being an “blonde”, a few things I always fight are brassiness, dullness, and lackluster shine. I’m sure I’ve tried a variety of products, and with the help of a lot of these products I am able to say that my hair’s condition is quite good. But these products don’t reduce the brassiness of my hair or make it lighten my hair when I fade between colorings.

I’ve been using various John Frieda products to aid in taking special care of my hair that is blonde this summer.

For brassiness, I like to apply a purple shampoo and conditioner. My current obsession has to be the John Frieda Violet Crush for Blondes.

John Frieda Violet Crush for Blondes Purple Shampoo and Conditioner is an easy and effective method to get bright and beautiful hue out of dull brassy and fading blonde locks. It uses the power of crushed purple pigments, which can restore the color of highlighted, colored or blonde hair to the “just stepped out of the salon” luster that us blondes are looking for. I only have to apply this powerful combination once a week to keep my brassiness under control.

When I want to go lighter and more vibrant in my hair, which I love doing in summer, I rely on a few different products from John Frieda, as well. Easy to use for Conditioner & Conditioner type. I apply my Her Blonde Lightening Hairwash and Conditioner two or three times in a row . I use it anytime I’m in need of brightening things up, and to gradually lighten my hair. This two-step simple step helps to bring out my highlights. It doesn’t change my permanent hair’s color.

At times I will use conditioner instead and when I have spare time, I’ll add the go-blowout lemon miracle mask to provide extra strength and conditioning. The lemon oil used in the formulation of this hair mask strengthens lightened blonde hair and helps protect it from further damage. This is done by creating millions of new bonds onto hair’s fibers, which repair damaged ones. My hair has become more radiant, appearing blonder (even although the formulas won’t impart color) and is stronger.

John Freida products are sold at Target, ULTA and at select drugstores such as CVS.

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