With all the trends and fashions that change, I have been refreshing everything! From replenishing hair care items and cleaning out my closet, and changing my style routine for the season, there is so much to do as the fall is here.

I’ve been swapping my summer clothes for my fall clothes, donating things I don’t need anymore, and taking advantage of the changing seasons. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to do a little good for the planet. Yes, fall actions of love are on full force. Do you practice this as well?

When you purchase Love Beauty and Planet new at CVS You can continue to make a difference for the planet and improve your style routine! Love Beauty and Planet shampoo and conditioner contains organic, vegan, and ethically-sourced ingredients. They also come in completely recyclable packaging. Not only will they do the best for your hair but they’re also good for the planet. Furthermore, if invest $20 today at CVS there’s a chance to earn an extra $10So, take advantage of this and get dry shampoo and hairspray also.

You know I am always going to CVS to check out the latest developments in beauty, so when I noticed the new Love Beauty and Planet display I was delighted.

I got I picked up the Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo and Conditioner. They both smell AMAZING. The shampoo is gentle and cleanses hair. It also helps keep the color of hair vibrant. The conditioner helps to detangle my hair without weighting it down. The products are both made using Organic Coconut Oil and Murumuru Butter and are scented with the freshness of freshly picked Bulgarian Rose Petals. As I said — amazing!

Additionally, I was keen to test I also wanted to try the Love Beauty and Planet Juicy Grapefruit Day 2 Volume and Bounty Dry Hair Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet Medium Hold and Volume Spray and I decided to grab those too. I couldn’t resist in the current sale at CVS. Up to 10/12/19, purchase $20 worth of Love Beauty and Planet hair care products to get $10 ExtraBucks(r) Reward points when you purchase with your credit card. Click HERE to receive the offer.

Love Beauty and Planet hair care products are non-paraben with silicone, non-toxic, VEGAN, not tested on animals and are non-toxic. Because I color my hair it is important the products are safe for use with colored hair. Its packaging can be recycled, constructed out of recyclable materials and formulas are created using ethically-sourced ingredients. Get the reward by 10/12.

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