Register a domain for your makeup artist business website in 9 easy steps

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The other day I was speaking to someone who had been reading our guide on why all makeup artists should have their own website.  They wanted to get a new website setup but they had no idea where to start.

If you start looking for information or guides on “The Google” about how to do this then you might get hopelessly lost in page after page of technical guides.

So they asked me to help them and I walked them through it in 5 minutes.  Most of this time was choosing the right domain name (which can be the hardest step)!

I know what you might be thinking – “Matt, you know what you are doing!”  Well yes I do – and so that’s why I’ve written out my step by step process so that you can follow along.

Let’s get on with it!

Step 1 – Decide on a Domain Name

Domain names can be hard to decide because a lot of the good ones are taken.  You might need to get creative. Some ideas:

You Name Makeup Artistry (Sarah Connor Makeup Artistry)

Your locality Makeup (eg Melbourne West Makeup)

Step 2 – Choose a Hosting Company

Next you need to decide on a hosting company.  If you are in Australia and looking for inexpensive hosting then checkout They have plans that start at $3 per month.

Yes, I know there are other cheap hosting available, especially in the US but you should use a hosting company that has servers in the same country as your customers.  This will ensure the page loads quickly when people visit.

If you are looking for a hosting company make sure to look for one that uses cPanel as it will make creating your website easier.

Step 3 – Check Domain Availability

Make sure your domain name is available by using the domain name search at your chosen hosting company.

If it’s not available then you may need try variations until you find something that is available.

Step 4 – Purchase The Domain

Purchase your domain and hosting.  This step is usually made quite easy by your hosting provider from the search results screen.

If you are starting out in business then you usually don’t need a huge plan.  You won’t be getting massive amounts of traffic nor need Gigabytes of storage.  So save yourself some money (to spend on your kit) and go with a budget plan!

Step 5 – Launch cPanel

Log in to your hosting account

Find the option to launch the cPanel management screens.

Step 6 – Setup WordPress

Scroll down to the bottom of the cPanel page and look for a section called “Web Applications” and click on “WordPress”

On the next page your should see a link that says “Install this application”.  Click this to start the installer.

Now in the settings section of the installer you enter a new administrator username and password.  You can also give your website a title and tagline while you are here.

Click on Install

Step 7

When the installer has completed open a new tab and type in your newly registered URL.  (Don’t use dev01.test – that’s just my test domain)

Congratulations you have just setup your own website!

Step 8

You probably want to actually make the site contain information about you rather than the the WordPress default?  You can head to your new site and add ‘/wp-admin’ to the end of the address bar.

This will bring you to the WordPress log in screen.

Use the details you entered in step 6.

Step 9

Build your new site using WordPress.  Unfortunately this step can’t be done in 5 minutes but if you are interested in learning step by step how to design and build your own site then you can check out our course

Learn to Build Your Own Makeup Artist Website in 7 Days


What’s next?  Well I recommend that you set up an email address at your new domain.  This can be done even quicker than setting up your domain. You can download our step by step guide by entering your details below.

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