Ready for Fall Makeup w/ the Colourpop Orchid You Not Collection!

The fall season will always be my most cherished season of all, especially when it comes to the latest makeup launches! This year’s fall launches would not be complete without the most recent Colourpop Orchid Don’t makeup collection. It’s got everything in the pinks, plums, and the berries department. Neutrals be damned. I said what I said (though I do like mixing the colors with Colorpop’s The Going Coconutsand The Color is The Taupe)!

Below are swatches of the Colourpop You Not Orchid collection (photos that were shot in natural light, without flash. The swatches were made using a sponge-tipped applicator on bare, dry skin – no primers).

Below you’ll see Three Colour Stix in Pressed, Venus Slipper, and U Grow Girl; 3 Lippie Stix in Heavy Petal, Dancing Lady, and Orchis 2 Pressed Color Blush that are available in Just My Pluck and Potted as well as Sol Cosmetics Beauty Shimmering Body Color with Wild Orchid.

The Colourpop Orchid You Didn’t collection is on sale now! Buy the entire collection right here to purchase it for just $80 (a $7 savings). You can also buy the items separately from by clicking here.

Did you also grab your copy of the Colourpop Disney Hocus Pocus Collection?! I bought the entire collection in record time since who doesn’t want an Black Flame Candle?! The company could make a Hocus Pocus collection literally every single year and I’d still buy it lol Hocus Pocus IS Halloween for me!

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