Here we are around a month into our obligatory stay-at home situation. For me, that means all of my eyelash extensions have fallen out. To keep it safe I let them all fall out and then grow independently with just one small little help.

For those who wear eyelash extensions it is crucial not to apply any products containing oil and to help speed up the process, I began using an oil-based makeup remover. I would ever so gently apply this on my lash line being careful to never be able to pull, rub, or tug at my lashes, but instead let the oils naturally degrade the adhesive bonds of the lashes.

After a week of doing the above after which all my extensions for lashes fell off and I appeared as if I was missing lashes. My lashes weren’t necessarily fragile or extremely thin but they are extremely light in color. I am very used to have long, thick black extensions. It was going to take some time to adjust to and so I set out to come up with sure fire alternatives. I’m determined to ensure that I am taking the proper take care of my “new” natural lashes, but I also want to make sure they are as healthy as I can in order to stimulate the growth and strength, and I also was on the search for alternative options for the times when I’d like that temporary full-lash look again.


First , I’m going to start by- building and conditioning my natural eyelashes. The best method for doing this is by applying lash conditioners every day. I should say using an lash conditioner every day, one. I’ve used a number of lash conditioners throughout time and discovered that many of them work. The trick is that you need to it consistently and be patient to see outcomes.

My suggestions include:
Talika Lipocils Expert
It is an eyelash-enhancing and pigmentation gel that helps eyelashes to grow longer as well as curlier and darker. It’s composed of potent botanicals and peptides that has been around for over 70 years. ” Concentrated in Talika Mythical Botanical Complex, a combination of plants that has been stimulating eyelash growth in women for more than 70 years, Lipocils Expert is rich in anti-aging Peptide Expert, Coleus forskohlii, a natural pigmentation booster, and curling silk proteins.”

I like the applicator of this product. It has a mascara like wand with a sponge on top to really work this formula in the eyeline. I never have experience any irritation with this formula , and am impressed by how darker my lashes are when using Talika Lipocils Expert.

GrandeLASH(tm) MD Lash Enhancing Serum
I’ve been using this lash enhancing serum in and out for years, including when I wear lash extensions. I like that it is non-irritating and also helps to keep my lashes longer and more thick. If I’m not wearing extensions, I really notice what the formula does to my lashes. “This highly-acclaimed lash enhancing serum contains antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids to enhance naturally thicker and longer lashes in just four to six weeks, and full results within three months. It’s a popular choice for helping to increase the length or thickness of thin or thin lashes, and it’s also perfect for restoring the look of damaged or brittle lashes.”

I use the serum in conjunction with the GreatRepair Leave-in-Lash Conditioner to enhance my results even more. It’s as it sounds it is a leave-in conditioner for lashes that I rub into my lashes with it’s mascara-like wand.

RevitaLash ADVANCED Eyelash Conditioner
It’s the first eyelash conditioner I ever used , and I still enjoy mixing it into my routine of lash conditioner. If I run out of a tube of one of the other products I’ll return to RevitaLash. “Revitalash’s Advanced eyelash conditioner 3 Month Supply is designed to help you achieve more fuller, thicker-looking lashes. Specially crafted with a proprietary blend of scientifically-advanced technology and natural botanicals, this lash conditioner works to prevent breakage and brittleness while improving flexibility, moisture and shine.”

I notice a significant difference in lash length with this product, but I generally feel a little bit red at the beginning of using it. I also experience a lot of itching with this one. I am a bit sensitive to many products for my eyes, but this isn’t a reason to not use it.


Sure, there are short-term false lash options for those looking to get out in style with a full lash appearance. False lashes are perfect for night or daytime out. I’m the first to admit that I totally am not a fan of applying false lashes and wearing them. I have tried many types of brands, including magnetic false lashes (all kinds) and have been unable to get them to work for me. However, I found a false lash system that I believe to be a real alternative to lash extensions. It is called Lashify and is truly the DIY lash extension solution.

I’m adamant that if I could master the Lashify system on one attempt, anyone can master the Lashify system easily. I’m obsessed! I’ve ordered many different styles and lengths, and I’ll discuss what works most for me below. Before that, I’d like to share more about Lashify and the Lashify system itself.

The Lashify technology basically makes you your very own lash tech… actually. You start by purchasing the control kit, which includes everything you need to begin your Lashify experience: the Gossamer lashesand the application tool, fuse wand, dual-sided bond, and the lash sealer. Then once you become obsessed with the product, like I was, you’ll begin purchasing additional sets of Gossamer mascara and more durable bonds. These are bonds that hold the lashes on the eyes for up to 10 days. I promised you that this was truly a lash extension alternative — all done from your own home.

When you are first starting out with Lashify, it is possible to choose from a few different designs (Amplify, Bold or Curl) and after having tried both Amplify along with the Curl versions, I’m able to explain the differences.

The Amplify mascaras are similar to natural, light lash. They are available in two lengths, 12 mm and 14mm and you will come to realize that you could put one of the lengths in your middle with shorter lengths on the inner and outer corners. The curl lashes bring the natural lash a step further and just a little; they are a bit more dramatic with a bit of volume and curl. The look of their Bold version, it looks like more of a false lash look.

In the image below, I am wearing the Gossamer Curl style, in the 14 mm length, with 12mm on the inner corner.

There are countless tutorials online as well as live videos on the Lashify social network to assist you in getting started that are full of helpful tips and tricks. They have been super useful for me. In addition, I am amazed at how easy it is to apply Lashify the lashes.

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