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If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll be aware that I am interested in good anti-aging skin care. POND’S is a brand which is not just great anti-aging skin care, but is also a proven skincare with over 150 years of scientific research behind it. I love the fact that POND’S has the know-how to give real results for a an affordable cost.

Have you checked out the latest products from POND’S REJUVENESS?

This anti-aging collection, comprised of three products, has been formulated in a new way with Vitamin B3 in addition to Retinol. I am happy to know that I can get results with the same ingredients you’d find in much more expensive anti-aging supplements. The entire line can be located at CVS. Shop here: https://shppn.co/AXOV

The Rejuveness skincare lineup includes Rejuveness Lifting and brightening Eye Cream Advanced Hydrating Night Cream and Skin Tightening Serum for a complete skin regimen. Together these products are designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines while also replenishing the skin within just two weeks. For a limited time there are exclusive deals on POND’s Rejuveness at your nearby CVS.

This week, you can spend just $12 on POND’s Rejuvenateness at CVS and earn an extra $4 reward card valid 3/28/21 until 4/3/21. Shop here: https://shppn.co/AXOV

I have been using all three of the POND’S Rejuveness products in my daily face skincare regimen that are made using the highest concentrations of Retinol Complex to encourage rejuvenation of the skin without causing irritation. They also formulate the products with Vitamin B3 and Retinol Complex to improve the elasticity of the skin and smooths skin appearance. You can see the results within one week of using the skin Tightening Serum. The Brightening Eye Wrinkle Cream features the unique Blur System Technology, and you’ll notice that I’m obsessed with that. It instantly enhances the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The Advanced Hydrating Night Cream is formulated with the brand’s highest amounts of Retinol Complex to maximize overnight benefits.
I love how my skin feels when I awake in the morning , and it gets better and better every morning. If you’re looking for younger-looking skin that has professional-grade products and savings for professionals, POND’S is perfect for you.

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