I’m loving a new foundation when it comes from NARS. Famous for their skin-perfecting formulations I was ecstatic to test the new NARS Cosmetics Soft Matte Complete Foundation.

I’m going to start this post to say that I normally have skin that is on the normal to dry side. I rarely look for matte foundations. I’m always concerned about a matte makeup product of any sort settling into my pores or lines, making my dry skin look older than it actually is. This foundation comes from NARS and this brand new foundation was created to work with the best-selling Soft Matte Complete Concealer, I went into testing Soft Matte Complete Foundation with an open mind.

Soft Matte Complete Foundation is advertised as a natural-looking, full coverage foundation with revolutionary matte technology. It’s a full-coverage foundation and appears naturally textured on skin. It is soft and velvety smooth. doesn’t feel like I’m wearing more than just a moisturizer to my face. It is made with NARS the unique Anti-Oxidation Complex to help prevent the shifting of color and also to shield skin from blue-light damage and pollution. Alongside the new Hydramatte Balancing Complex it is suitable on my dry to normal skin. It reduces sebum production while keeping skin hydrated by using micro-algae in combination with Bio Hyaluronic Acid. If you have to deal with excessive sebum and oil the powder that absorbs oil will aid in creating the perfect, mattified, second-skin look. It is not too matte and I personally prefer it. It’s more of a soft-focus filtering finish that I enjoy.

It is recommended to apply this foundation using your fingertips, starting at the center of your face . You can gradually work your way outwards and pressing the foundation into the skin. Once I had this applied, I did go over it with a massive foundation blending brush to even it out. Apply it to my face and blend it down to my neck.

It’s very durable and won’t wear off underneath the mask which is an enormous benefit nowadays.

I’ve used NARS Cosmetics Soft Matte Complete Foundation on bare skin (as suggested) but I prefer it better over a primer. I’ve tried it with the one above along with that one and am in love with the later the best to get a silky smooth finish on my dry to normal skin.

There are 34 shades of this foundation and retails for $39 at this site and here It’s an excellent price. If you’ve not had the pleasure of trying this concealer it’s the time to discover the perfect match. There are now thirty shades of concealer and it is a great layering product with and on top of the new foundation.

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