New Skincare LOVE! An Affordable, Refreshing Facial Mist

My quest for skincare is endless. It’s taken me awhile to come to this realization but once I reached the age of 40, it becomes what it happens. Now that I’m 40, I can truly say that I’m content testing out new techniques. The peace I feel transforms into bliss when I happen upon something that does what it says on the tin and I can integrate into my daily routines easily.

*For for reference, I’m around 40. My skin has gone into a combo (dry areas on the tops of my cheeks and my nose, sometimes my forehead). I’m sensitive to many typical ingredients in skincare such as alcohol and coconut. Both of these ingredients make me break out almost immediately.

Heritage Store isn’t a brand new to me, but it’s taken far too long to understand what a daily staple it could have been in the past in which I’ve utilized the products. Its Rosewater Freshening Face Mist and the Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Face Mist is one of my latest obsessions and I’ve used them in a variety of ways throughout the day.

The facial mist are Vegan as well as Cruelty Free as well as free of dyes and alcohol. The fact that it is free of alcohol is a huge plus for me. My skin is very sensitive to acne and alcohol is one of the major causes. If it’s not high on an ingredient’s list I cannot even include it in my makeup products. In terms of skincare, alcohol-free is always the most important thing I search for. It’s amazing the number of highly recommended makeup and skincare products contain alcohol or denat. (aka denatured). The ingredients list is inspired by nature and simple, which makes it a perfect gift for all even makeup artists!

Grab Heritage Store Rosewater Refreshing Facial Mist now at Walmart for just $10! If you shop in-store, download this voucher for a chance to lower the cost by 2 dollars and, with that you’ll have the chance to get Glycerin and Rosewater at less than $10!


It’s the Routine

For daytime I prefer the cult-fave, OG Heritage Store Rosewater Refreshing Facial Mist which is great for all skin types. The makeup you wear is best when you prepare it properly. I’m not ashamed to admit that lately , my preparation is taking just the same amount of time as my makeup application. After washing my face , I apply SPF, and let it absorb for about 15 minutes (take that time to check emails, eat breakfast, etc). Then I put on my moisturizer of choice and eye cream and let it sit for another 15 minutes (usually I’m packing the kids lunches as well as my own lunches).

My third skincare routine of the day has now become my Heritage Store Rosewater Refreshing Facial Mist. I spray some on and I’m telling you it’s helping my dry patches without creating too appear dewy on other, oilier areas. I let it dry for a few minutes then apply my primer for makeup (which I usually let sit in my skin for an additional 5-10 minutes before applying with my foundation).

In the evening, I use at night, I grab the Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Mist. I use it in the evening to begin my routine after washing my face but before I apply any moisturizers or serums. This is best suited for skin that is dry or combination however, as I do often get oily in particular areas, I tend to use this product before going to bed.

In winter, I’ll likely have to alternate between the two mists, based on how dry my skin wants to appear this season. It’s anybody’s best guess what my skin wants to do. It behaves more like an infant if I’m vigilant. LOL!

Today, I’m seeking all the positivity and good energy I can get. They’re not just great for skincareproducts, they make me feel happy and look nice! Heritage Store has been the leader in skin-to-soul cosmetics since 1969. The facial mists feature an ethereal scent of damask roses that I have found isn’t overwhelming for me. If I spray them on it is an immediate mood boost. Game, set, match.

Make sure you go to Walmart to check them out and do not forget to download the coupon first!

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