With the summer season coming to an end here, I am keeping things fresh. A few minor adjustments as the seasons change can greatly benefit your face and make the whole routine of your skincare routine more pleasurable.

I’ve added a few St. Ives products into my regimen and let me inform you that I’m getting a complete sensational experience from these products and they do not just feel good when I use them , they also are clean and make my face glowing and ready for the new season.


There’s exfoliating scrubs that reveal soft even skin, cleanser that eliminate oil, dirt and impurities, and hydrating face mists that refresh your skin whenever you need an extra boost. Adding just a few into your routine is sensible and easy. These St. Ives products are created with a blend of invigorating ingredients, such as avocado, apricot and grapefruit. My skin isn’t just glowing, it is gleaming and my senses are glistening every time I apply them.

When I feel like I’m lacking motivation I begin my day with the St. Ives Hydrating Watermelon Daily Cleanser. This amazing cleanser removes dirt, oil and other impurities from my skin’s surface, leaving my skin feeling and looking healthier. It’s made from pure watermelon extracts. Did you realize that watermelon extracts consist of 92 percent water? These watermelon juices are delicious and instantly nourish skin.

I’ve been mixing up my scrubs between St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face (the first award-winning scrub) as well as the new Soft Skin Avocado & Honey Scrub. Both scrubs are excellent for exfoliating while the original scrub provides a deeper exfoliation.

Fresh Face Apricot Skin scrub effectively cleanses pores and performs a really nice job at exfoliating for smooth, clean, and glowing skin. St. Ives uses real fresh apricots to make the formula.

Smooth Skin Avocado & Honey Scrub is a gentle face scrub that is able to smooth away dryness, revealing silky and soft skin. I am a fan of the honey and avocado buttery formula that is soft and nourishing. The extract from buttery avocados is famous for its moisturizing properties , and honey has been used for a long time to nourish.

If I’m in need of an extra energy boost (and the scent of a fresh boost) I put on YAAAS For Face Mist the Happy Grapefruit. It’s a hydrating facial mist that has a vibrant grapefruit scent. It not only gives me a quick boost of water, as I said earlier, but also an instant boost of happiness since it further stimulates my senses.

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