It’s no surprise that Moroccanoil is a brand that has radically changed the face of hair care. What started with the original Moroccanoil Argan Oil Treatment and has grown into a complete line of bath and body products. I have been obsessed with the brand since I first experienced the treatment years ago.

Since first trying the original Moroccanoil Treatment, I’ve become obsessed with this Dry Shampoo and, more recently, many more products. I’ve got quite the collection of Moroccanoil products in my everyday routine of hair.

Moroccanoil products are especially essential in the summer and hot season as the products contain Argan Oil. When it is used in products for hair care, Argan Oil helps to smooth hair and give it additional shine.

They are among my Moroccanoil must-haves.

I usually start my day with Hydrating shampoo and conditioner, which I don’t have photos of. I usually purchase the liter sizes and these last me for the longer part of the year. I only wash my hair about two or three times per week, and rarely use a shower that I share A little goes a long way.

For styling and treatment , I always begin with the classic Moroccanoil Treatment. As I said above. This was the inspiration behind the Argan Oil trend as well as the oil-infused haircare trend. Moroccanoil Treatment is available in its original version and lighter version. This oil is loaded with antioxidants, Argan oil, and shine-boosting nutrients to help transform your hair. It does so many great things! Just a few include smoothing, shielding from frizz and detangling, accelerating dry time and giving hair lots of shine. One or two pumps is enough based on the length and thickness of hair.

After applying Moroccanoil Treatment, I apply a pea-sized amount of Mending Infusion on end of my hair. I naturally color my hair and tackle split ends and breaking. Mending Infusion helps to reduce the visible signs of damaged hair , like dry ends, frayed ends and color damage. It also helps protect the hair against further damage.

The next step is next is the Hydrating Styling Cream or Beach Wave Mousse, depending upon my preferred style. Because it is now summer and I’m combing my hair to the side more often I am a fan of to use the Hydrating Cream to smooth frizz and styling.

Just before drying my hair I apply a small amount in Perfect Defense. Moroccanoil Perfect Defense is unique because it’s a dry aerosol spray that is applied weightlessly. This formula protects hair and helps hydrate it by preventing it from drying out and styling. If you are using hair curlers or flat irons on third or second day hair, it’s ideal for dry hair.

After drying, I use some Dry Texture Spray. When I am going for an everyday, loose, wavy style, I add only enough Dry Texture Spray instead of hair spray or finishing that it provides just enough grip and texture as well as the hold my hair needs. If I want to add more hold, I add the Luminous Hairspray. These are infused with Argan Oil as well, to smooth hair and keep it frizz-free.

Moroccanoil products are available at high-end salons and through the official site; selected products are available through Sephora and Nordstrom.

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