MAKEUP MUST-HAVES! The BEST Cream Cheek Products for Summer!

Well, if cream blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and contours aren’t all the rage right now then IDK what is lol I was admiring Patrick Ta She’s Statuesque Créme Contour & Powder Blush Duo to my dear friend Courtney and thought let’s create a blog post on this… since for the past few months I’ve been wearing almost exclusively cream cheek makeup. I don’t see myself ever going back to exclusively powder products.

I’ve always been apprehensive about creams, specifically for the cheeks. My type of skin used be very oily. Now that I’m more oily-to-normal I’ve begun to venture out a bit more.

Below I’ll be sharing the products I’ve been switching around for each other, along with a mini-review of each. In the next section, I’ll reveal what items are on my wishlist!

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter ($44.00). This is the only highlight I’ve been using , and I bought it with the color two fair. I know people like to mix with their foundations. But that’s way too much luminosity for me. Since I only use the smallest amount every day, picking up the tiny size ($15.00) was plenty for me. It seems to me that it helps me to control the oil that dries over my skin throughout the day. Like I’m now able to determine the area where it’ll shine the brightest, know? To apply I just dab a bit on with my finger then blend out using the The Sonia Kashuk Makeup sponge ($5.00).
  2. Patrick Ta Major Sculpt Creme Contour & Powder Bronzer Duo ($38.00). Due to the higher price , I flipped back and forth with this for a long time. It was finally the time to purchase the Statuesque and I’m not disappointed to the slightest. The contour shade is a little cooler than shown in the swatch picture, and it’s perfect for my pale skin tone. It’s easy to apply throughout the day and is easy to blend out. The bronzer is heavier than I prefer, but is a great match with the contour. If I could have the contour alone I’d consider repurchasing that one, but I’d probably repurchase the set when I run out because it’s so good.
  3. ELF Putty Blush ($6.00). I bought Bora Bora because all the beauty influencers I follow were saying it was superior to Rare Beauty Melting Blush (which I also enjoy). With that ELF price one could not resist one? Although I love it but I think it’s slightly less dry than the other creams mentioned in this article. Because of this, I don’t like to apply it with my preferred brush. With this product, it’s better to warm it up on your fingers first, dab it on, then apply it with a blend. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Rare Beauty Melting Blush ($21.00). I’m not sure which YouTube video I watched nearly neutral on that finally got me thinking, “YES, I’m buying this, I’ll want that.” Again, an item I don’t regret at all and that I absolutely need more of. Personally, I’m not a fan with ANY Rare Beauty products before I tried this one, so I was skeptical… but the thing is, it’s beautiful… and well-pigmented… AND good. Of all of the cream blushes discussed in this post, this one stays on the longest . It’s my favorite for when I’m at work and sweating my butt off. It appears semi-sheer in the image, but it isn’t.
  5. Colourpop Blush Stix ($9.00). My top recommendation for an affordable cream blush. My two favorites shade include Picnic Time along with Cottage Life, though I prefer Picnic Time more during the summer months. To wear these shades I simply rub some shade onto the side of my hand, then dip the brush there. In the event that I use the sticks directly to my face I notice the color is uneven and is able to remove my makeup as I blend. When I apply from the palm of my hand using the brush I can expect approximately 8 hours of wear. The blending process is seamless.
  6. The Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops ($10.29). Although it’s not shown below I am also a fan of my Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops. The pigment is very strong, therefore you must apply it to the back your hand before you use a stipple to apply the product. A little bit can go a long way, so start off easy and build as necessary!

Are you looking for something a little more sophisticated? PIXI On-the-Glow Blush Tinted Moisture Stick ($18.00). This is yet another (maybe product with a stick formula product thing?!) that I have to apply to the back of my hand prior to dabbing using a brush and gently blending it out. The formula is a little more slip to it and, if you’ve got beautiful skin and want some cheek color in the pool, then you’ll get enthralled. Applying it using the brush from the palm of your hand is a good option when you are wearing it over other eye makeup.

The most effective brush for blending cream cheeks anything is The ELF Amazingly Fine Airbrush ($10.00). I have many multiples of this model. My only complaint is that on each one I own, the brush part comes unglued from the handle following a couple of washes. We glue it back together by using this method and everything is in order, but definitely worth noting.

If money isn’t an issue or you’re planning to splash out, I also love the classic cheeks of Sonia G ($46.00) in addition to the Wayne Goss Sculpting Brush ($53.00). I received them separately in Beautylish Lucky Bags that I’m able to say they’re two of my all-time favourites!

Furthermore to my desire list… because it is my wishlist and we could make this article a bit longer.

Products for the cheeks that drawn my attention are: Patrick Ta Double-Take Creme Powder & Powder Blush ($34.00), Danessa Myricks Vision Flush ($20.00) and Makeup by Mario Soft Blend Blush Stick ($28.00) and Makeup By Mario Soft Shape Blending Stick ($28.00), Milani Cream Blush ($8.99), AURIC Glow Lust ($45.00) as well as Kaja Play Bento Kaja Play Bento Cream Bronzer, Powder Blush, and Highlighter Sculpting Trio ($25.00).

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