Having beautiful hair is something I want to have. Gone are the days of paying half of your salary and hours in the salon to get treatments and color. With products such as Schwarzkopf(r) Keratin Color that are available at stores such as Dollar General, there is a wide range of shades that are available in stores and the best part is that we do not have to sacrifice quality.

I’ve heard horror stories of hair color that isn’t right both in the salon as well as at home. But I’ve learned my lessons and only believe in great brands and top products.

I like Keratin Color because it is an expert-grade hair color I can apply at home. It’s simple to use, and it produces gorgeous color results that last! Plus with 100 percent coverage of gray and anti-breakage technology, I can get the results that my hair needs. My go to color of hair color is Silky Blonde- they have a lot to select from, so make sure to check out the shades available.

It’s unique because of its K-BOND-PLEX(r) conditioner. It is evident that Keratin Color offers up to 88% less breakage using this unique K-BOND-PLEX(r) conditioner than untreated hair so it’s like I’m receiving a specific hair treatment while I color. It restores the inner hair structure for healthier and healthier looking beautiful hair . And who doesn’t want that? Shopping for it from Dollar General is a major benefit, where there are some excellent deals that are on sale during the current season and into the summer. Check out the section for beauty and health when you shop.

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As I said coloring using Schwarzkopf(r) Keratin Color is simple. I chose to use Schwarzkopf(r) Keratin Color Silky Blonde. It is very important to follow the directions carefully and conduct a patch test at least 48 hours prior to coloring. If you are sure you’re ready to go, you will begin with the Pre-Color Serum and then prepare your hair according to the directions, apply the color and end the process with K-BOND-PLEX(r) conditioner.

I just color my hair at the moment, and I have found it to be the easiest application using an specialized hair color brush. I pick up a little professional-like bowl and brush to do this, but it is important to note that they are not included in the color of your hair. You can very easily apply the hair color directly from the bottle following the instructions, as well.

It is essential to time the color, wash the color well after which you can condition the color using the K-BOND-PLEX(r) conditioner.

The end result is beautiful hue, right from the root to the tip. It’s an intense color, with total gray cover just like I mentioned earlier and I needed to reiterate yet again. Maintaining beautiful hair is essential for me, and Keratin Color is an integral element of my routine.

If you’re interested in it too, consider Keratin Color – now available at Dollar General! They’re sure that you’ll love it that they’re offering a money back guarantee from June to August. This guarantee is only offered on Dollar General and good until 8/31.

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