I’m in the market for a wonderful night cream. It’s no secret that our skin gets a lot of work while we’re sleeping. And if you are smart about getting your beauty rest and you’re able to get at minimum 8 hours of it (ahem I’d love to! ) Then a good night cream is vital to your routine of nighttime skincare.

You know that I’m a big fan of IT Cosmetics and I LOVE the feeling of confidence in a Cream. Confidence in the form of Beauty Sleep Night Cream had me at Beauty Sleep and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this lavender-colored mixture.

Like other IT Cosmetics’ products, this new Night Cream was developed with plastic surgeons. It took a long time to develop. They test and test and reformulate until they get it to perfection. I was thrilled to test Confidence With Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream and I’ve been using it for nearly an entire month.

Obviously, Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream was made to work overnight during the time your skin is at rest as I said the time when cell turnover increases and the aim of Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream is to boost the renewal of the skin’s surface through exfoliation.

It is made with the company’s own Rest & Restore Technology to instantly improve 5 indicators of ageing skin: fine lines, dryness, wrinkles and decreased firmness.

Within a single night of using Confidence Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream I woke up and noticed a shift. My skin not just being hydrated, but it was looking more hydrated than it did and felt smooth and supple, as well. After having it for several weeks, the results were even better! My skin seemed plumper and seemed more firm. A few of my lines appeared to have lessened because my skin seemed looking plumper and healthier after I woke up for my day.

The formula is composed of ingredients that are good for your skin ingredients such as Adenosine and hyaluronic acid, plus ceramides to help repair and rebuild the natural skin barrier as we sleep.

I apply a generous dollop and apply Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream as the final step of my night time skin care regimen. I apply it all over my neck, face, and the decolletage. The lavender shaded cream melts right onto my face.

Purchase IT Cosmetics confidence in the Beauty Sleep night cream for $54 at any place IT Cosmetics is available such for,, and Ulta.

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