The warm summer months and the hot summer days can have a devastating effect on skin. Whether I am home or on the road, I ensure that I have the right products for keeping my face silky and radiant all through the season.

The process of getting smooth and glowing skin is not that difficult with the right skincare products. For me, it is the best product, and three easy steps.

Wash. Peel. Hydrate.

The key to all the steps is in the ingredients. In the summer I’ve been using 3 Pixi Bodytreats products that are infused with Glycolic acid. Together, they help smooth, hydrate and brighten the skin.

Here’s the software I’ve used to use.

Pixi Glycolic Body Wash (step 1)
This body cleanser makes use of glycolic acid to help improve skin texture. Combined with Aloe Vera and Ginseng, skin is not only gently exfoliated as it is cleansed and hydrated, but the ingredients also help to hydrate and improve circulation for overall improvement.

Pixi Glycolic Body Peel (step 2)
With glycolic and lactic acids, this body peel will get the job done to greatly improve the texture and tone on my skin. I’ve honestly never paid as much attention to the texture of my arms as well as my back and legs however, they’ve become silky smooth since I started using this. I use it in the shower after having used the Glycolic Bath Wash.

Pixi Glycolic Body Lotion (step 3)
A unique blend made up of Aloe, Grape Seed Oil and Ginseng is added to Glycolic Acid to provide powerful moisturizers for the skin. This lotion has truly helped to restore the hydration in my skin. It has a slight scent It is light, yet moisturizing, and is absorbed quickly.

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