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Before I begin, I need to tell you about some amazing new deals this week at CVS.

From 1/10/2021 – 1/16/2021:
You can earn $ 4 ExtraBucks(r) Rewards when you Spend at least $12 for Select St. Ives, POND’S, Simple, and Noxzema Products
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The POND’S Rejuveness products that I’ve been using. I’ve been using POND’S Rejuveness Brightening eye Wrinkle Cream which contains Vitamin B3 and Retinol, as well as POND’S Rejuveness Skin Tightening Serum, which contains Vitamin B3 as well as Retinol. I use it with the Eye Wrinkle Cream in both the morning and at night, however, I’ve been using the serum in the evening. It’s suggested to use at least twice per day, however I know that my skin may be sensitive to anything that has retinol in it which is why I chose to be cautious and apply it once per day.

This Skin Tightening Serum actually helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with outcomes you can see. It is made with the best quality of Retinol Complex to encourage the renewal of skin with less irritation. It is also formulated with Vitamin B3 and Retinol Complex to help increase the elasticity the skin and improve its texture. It’s scent is not too strong and is pleasantly and hydrating.

This Whitening Cream for Eyes can be described as an eye cream I can imagine using for quite a while. I tend to stare a lot, so I have those crows’ feet you can see. I’ll do anything to reduce my fine lines around my eyes and I am sure that it’s this Brightening Age-Defying Eye Cream is already working. Not only is this anti-aging cream for eye wrinkles hydrating (it is formulated with Vitamin B3 to improve skin’s moisture barrier, and improves skin texture) However, it also has a unique Blur System Technology and you know I am all about that. This technology instantly blurs skin around the eyes and instantly improve the appearance of my fine lines. In addition it is using the Retinol Complex that it’s created with will assist in skin renewal overtime. That means less fine lines and wrinkles, the more you apply it.

Shop at CVS here: http://shppn.co/f4wBS to get the best deals on Select St. Ives, POND’S, Simple, and Noxzema now. Look above for offers that will be available until 1/16/2021.

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