bareMinerals is a foundation innovator, so it’s no surprise that I discovered the brand new Original Liquid Mineral Foundation something worth writing about.

The Original Liquid Mineral Foundation launched in mid-November of 2020 however, it took me a while to give it a go. Since less is more and wearing a mask is being a “thing” these days I’m not into an all-out makeup look. This is why I prefer to wear tinted moisturizers every day. I took the plunge and gave this liquid mineral foundation an attempt particularly due to the fact that it is composed of less than half the ingredients of other foundations. Hello – that has to be a great thing.

The bareMinerals original Liquid Mineral Foundation is the first, clean vegan mineral foundation that has been tested to improve skin texture, diminish visible pores, and minimize redness. I require help in all of those areas, so I ought to have tried this earlier.

I’ve decided to give this product a test and have been using it on and off for the past two weeks. I’m really enjoying it! It’s light and airy on the skin and provides buildable, medium coverage. This leaves a real natural looking skin with luminescent finish.

I also love that The bareMinerals Liquid Mineral Foundation comes composed of just 19 ingredients Although that might seem like a lot, if you’re a sleuth like me, you will realize that 19 ingredients are not much. It also comes with an SPF20 and can help instantly reduce the appearance of imperfections and pores, in addition to helping boost skin hydration immediately as well over the course of time.

I’ve applied it with using a brush as well as a sponge. Using a brush gives more of a natural look while using a sponge provides more of a velvety, perfected look.

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