There’s never been a better time to launch a collection like the most recent Stoned Vibes collection from Urban Decay.

Stoned Vibes is all about playing around with gorgeous color and radiating positive vibes . It’s exactly what we need! The collection comes with a must-have 12-shade eyeshadow palette Highlighter, lip gloss, as well as eye pencils. To declare that I am obsessed with it all is an understatement.

The Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette ($54) is a great way of putting down the sage and buying an eyeshadow that is infused with tourmaline. YES! These brand-new, vegan shades are made with genuine tourmaline to block bad vibes and elevate your look. I am all in. I love the way you look!

The super-creamy, velvety texture spreads out prismatic colors without any fallout. The shades give eyes an enchanting soft glow as you move your eyeshadow across the lid.. I love to take in all the positive energy these stone-like speckled eyeshadows were designed to exude positive vibes and energy as they offer a stunning aura-altering color.

The stunningly coordinated Stoned Vibes 24/7 Glide-On eye Pencils ($22) are available in four all-new metallic hues.. The formula is identical as the one from the beginning – extremely creamy and waterproof. It is one of my absolute favorites and one I use often. Now with these gemstone inspired shades, I will be wearing these with the palette for more of a crystallized appearance.

For your cheeks, it’s the Stoned Vibes Highlighter ($36) is worth a look, and I am not just talking in the packaging. The tourmaline-infused product comes in a single shade that leaves your cheeks (or anywhere you brush across) with a super-soft, shimmer. It features a fine and smooth texture that can be brushed on effortlessly.

As the lip gloss lover like me, I’m obviously thrilled to have the Stoned Vibes Multidimensional Lip Gloss ($18). Positive energy never looked so good even although my lips are typically covered by a mask, I’m showing them off in my Zoom and FaceTime calls with the multidimensional, iridescent glitter glosses. Infused with vitamin E, my lips feel always moisturized and nourished with an instant plumping effect and super-shiny finishes. The gemstone-inspired package is certainly unique and not so pocket friendly, however, it certainly looks stunning on the vanity.

The Urban Decay Stones Vibes collection is available on, Sephora, Ulta, and

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