The process of changing your hair’s color whether it’s for covering up gray hair on the temples or new growth, or dark roots isn’t as difficult as it appears when you follow the steps follow my suggestions and create the kit Clairol Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘N Easy

There are plenty of hair color kits in the market. For this brief tutorial, I am speaking about only coloring your new hair growth around the roots and temples — like some grays or dark roots. If you’ve not made it to the hair salon within three or four weeks, and are experiencing some growth then this is the perfect tutorial for you.

If you feel apprehensive by this, or are frightened any point due to this situation, then try a temporary hair touch-up spray or powder until you can go back in the salon. I am in no way suggesting you get all out and change your hair color. Do not do it. Get a kit as close as possible to your blended dyed hair color but not your natural hair shade. Root Touch-Up makes a variety of hair colors which easily match a range of hair tones. As an example, I’ve dyed my hair medium blonde with naturally darker roots which is why I pick Medium blonde shades to blend into and cover my gray hair.

I’ve used the Root Touch-Up between color appointments for a number of years. it is very easy to use. Clairol includes everything necessary for the job within the kit.

Inside is the perfectly measured amount of color developer, applicator and developer (which has a similar appearance to the brush my professional hair stylist utilizes), gloves and mixing tray. All I require is a few sheets of towels and a mirror, and an alarm clock… Root Touch-Up can be done in just 10 minutes.


The process is straightforward and the directions are quite easy.

I start by protecting my clothing with a towel. I place the towel on my shoulders to protect my clothing and prepare the hair color. I remove both products for mixing and mix per the instructions by pouring the contents into the tray. I mix thoroughly (using the tip on the opposite end of my brush) until thoroughly blended and immediately apply it to the root of my hair.

I begin directly at my center area by applying the color mix. It is important to make sure that the color mixture covers my hair with color. I dab and apply the color on my roots until my gray and black roots are completely coated. I work in sections and then divide my hair with the tip of my brush. I make sure to apply the mixture near my temples and around my hairline in which I have a lot and gray hair. When I am completely finished applying my final section of hair I begin my timer for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes are over, I wash my hair, condition (do not wash your hair) and style it as normal.

From start to finish (opening the box then applying the color then styling) it takes me about 30 minutes. It’s such a dramatic difference and vast improvement in my hair color. My gray hair and dark roots are evidently gone and I am now able to get through my next salon appointment.

“Root Touch-Up” by Nice and Easy is sold at your local drugstore or big-box retailer for around $6.99. Your best bet is to buy it now online or make use of a service such as that of Target drive-up.

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