Best Online File Storage Services for a Makeup Artist

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Most makeup artists I know are almost obsessive about how they store their kit.  If you search google you will finds 100’s of results for storage options for makeup.   But how often have you though about storage options for all of the files that you manage when running your makeup business?

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of using online storage as well as the top 4 options for use in your makeup business.

Why Should A Makeup Artist Use Online Storage?

Here’s few of the compelling reasons that you may want to use online storage:

  1. Storing documents and photos online means that you have easy access from multiple devices.
  2. It can also save you from disaster if you have a hard drive failure because everything is stored online!
  3. Are you collaborating with others?  You can easily share files, folders or sub-folders with other people.
  4. Recovering old versions – Most online storage services provide a way of accessing older versions of documents or deleted documents, which is very handy when you accidentally mess something up!
  5. Protection – yes you may have heard about some of these services being hacked in the past but the truth is that they spend crazy amounts of money ensuring that they use the best security to keep your files safe! This is usually way more than you do for your local computer.

What are the Downsides of using Online Storage Services?

Every up has a down and that’s no different with these online services.

  1. Bandwidth Usage.  Every file you store in your online folders needs to be transferred online.  Australian internet can be pretty crappy at times.  For example in our house if someone is synchronising after adding new documents the internet can become unusable for everyone!
  2. It requires you to be online. Unless you have synchronised your device you will need to be online to access your files
  3. Sharing has its risks.  Sharing features of these services are great but you must be careful that you don’t accidentally give access to files that you don’t want others to see.

What should I be storing online?

Pretty much any document that you would store on your computer or mobile device can be stored online:

  • Photos
    • All of the before and after shots you take of your clients
    • Your portfolio shots
    • Scans of any magazines you have been published in
  • Business documents
    • Keep the latest version of your business plan
    • Your marketing plan of course
    • Business processes
    • Backups of the email templates that you use in your business

A quick rundown of the top options

Name Microsoft One Drive Apple iCloud Google Drive Dropbox
Storage Options 5 GB – free
50GB – $1.49 p/m
200GB – $4.49 p/m
2TB – $14.99 p/m
5GB – Free
50GB – $1.99 p/m
1TB – $6.99 p/m (includes Office 365)
15GB – Free
100GB – $2.49 p/m
1TB – $12.49 p/m
10TB – $124.99 p/m
2GB – Free
1TB – $13.99 p/m
Comments Integrated with Windows computers and online office suite Office 365 Tightly integrated with apple iOS devices and macs  Inetegrated with Google’s online office suite Referrals can score you extra free storage up to 16GB

* prices are all in Australian dollars.

I’d love to hear from you – do you use any of these services and how do you find them for helping to run your makeup business?  Let us know in the comments below!


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