It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with gorgeous brows. It’s also not secret that I’m obsessed with IT Cosmetics. I’ve used the first IT Cosmetics ‘ innovative Brow the Power Universal Brow Pencil since the beginning, and I continue to use it to perfect creating a gorgeous eyebrow.

I finally took the plunge and had my eyebrows microbladed; it was one of my best choices I’ve ever taken. The way my brows are now properly shaped and even natural-looking color is an enormous time saver. They do need a bit of perfecting when I put on makeup, however. For that reason, I am still using IT Cosmetics to help.

Combining the two IT Cosmetics brow products, my brows look pretty darn perfect (to me) and gorgeous in just minutes.

I use a mix using Brow Power and Brow Power Filler and both of them made of Universal Taupe to perfect my microbladed eyebrow look.

I begin by following the line of my brows with an Brow Pencil ($24) and then tighten the line. I do this lightly and I don’t press too hard using the pencil. I then use the new Brow Power Filler and gently sweep it all over my brows.

Brow Power Filler($24) is an enlargement tinted fiber brow gel. This product is essential to that feathery, full eyebrow look I’m looking for. With microblading, my form is already there, so I just need to follow the shape and gently stroke it onto. The formula that is waterproof allows me to achieve an “fluffy” appearance that lasts all day. What I love is the fact that this formula contains ingredients that support healthy brow hair. This helps promote healthy, fuller brows as time passes.

Both of them come in four shades, but I’ve found that Universal Taupe is a great shade for my brows. You can also choose Universal Blonde, Universal Auburn or Universal Brunette.

Buy IT Cosmetics brow products at, Sephora, or Ulta.

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