The time I spend at home with a large family makes me dependent on my daily routine. But this has become too routine lately. I’ve been innovating different methods and brand new items to transform my routine into something special.

The moment I get up, I start my day with a bath. Because this can be the only “me” time that I have alone, I have been taking advantage of my shower to rejuvenate, pamper myself and be inspired for the day ahead.

I’ve been incorporating a handful of multi-sensory body cleanser and bars for beauty by Caress , a CVS brand into my shower routine and the result has been so satisfying. The products are helping to stimulate my senses, leave my skin glowing and begin my day in the best possible way.

There’s a reason, Caress offers a selection of body washes and beauty bars that nourish and relax the skin, as well as enlighten and spark the senses. The scents are masterfully created by perfumers using only the most exotic ingredients from all over the globe I’m assured of the scent will last long after I’ve finished showering. And the best thing? I find all of this inspiration right on CVS.

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I often imagine myself traveling to the tropics hot when I use the Tahitian Renew Cleansing Body Wash. The tropical scent offers an uplifting, rejuvenating experience with its alluring scent that evokes the tropical getaway. A blend of Pomegranate seeds along with Tahitian palm milk, this body wash exfoliates my rough skin before infusing it with triple-silkening moisturizing ingredients. My skin is left feeling soft, smooth, and fresh.

Another product that is perfect for this season is the Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash. It is formulated with karite butter and burned brown sugar, this cleanser gently exfoliates the skin before infusing it with moisturizers to give me beautiful and even-toned skin. Its scent is simply delicious.

For daily refreshing and skin softening, I turn to Caress Daily Silk Beauty Bar and Daily Silk Body Wash. The thick lather and exquisite scent is a delight both for the senses and my skin. Both products are expertly made with the delicate floral notes of white peach and orange blossoms that Caress is famous for. Additionally, the formulas contain Silk Essence to ensure my skin feels silky soft when it’s left fragrant.

Don’t overlook the sale happening for a limited time The offer is: Select Caress body products at CVS cost $5 each (9/6-9/12).

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