If there’s one makeup item I’m constantly looking for to enhance with the next one, it is a concealer. I have very high expectations regarding concealers.

It’s no surprise that I am no spring chicken. I’ve had many years of age and problematic areas that require help from an excellent concealer. Sure, I have my list of top concealers, which I don’t add as often, but when I find a new concealer that is on the beauty scene I will test it out.

One brand new concealer on the beauty scene that I was eager to try was the new Liquid Mineral by bareMinerals Original Concealer.

An ideal companion for each ORIGINAL Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 15 and ORIGINAL Liquid Mineral Foundation SPF 20, this new concealer launched this day on QVC. The Original Mineral Concealer a new generation of clean concealer. It’s made of 90% naturally derived ingredients that are proven to visibly increase the brightness of dark circles and decrease fine lines. Additionally, it contains moisturizing agents that have been found to lessen the appearance of dryness under the eyes as well as improve skin hydration. I liked the sound of it right from the start.

I was fortunate to be in a position to try Original Natural Mineral Liquid Concealer for a few months prior to its launch and I’m loving this concealer for how it covers my flaws naturally and remains in place during the whole day. It does not clog, crease, or settle in my lines. It is able to glide smoothly across my skin as it seamlessly blends with my skin and looks natural. It is able to do this, but it covers what I want it to. It’s not complete coverage but it is a great option to layer for difficult-to-cover areas. I’ll need just two to 3 dots in underneath my eyes to mask the areas I require it to.

The range includes 17 colors within the range. I recommend choosing the shade that is one or two lighter than your skin tone.

Buy the Original Liquid Mineral Concealer for $25 at qvc.

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