If there is one beauty product that I am extremely obsessed with, it’s facial sunscreen. I am sure that I need protection from UVA/UVB rays daily and prefer something that is beyond what I receive in the foundation I use, my tinted moisturizing cream, or CC cream. The problem is that it shouldn’t hinder my makeup at all.

I’ve searched high and low and finally settled on several. A small number. I usually utilize Alastin Hydratint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen made by the medical-grade brand Alastin However, that doesn’t stop me from searching. Enter bliss Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen.


In the process of making its way onto the fragrance earlier this Spring, Block Star is a 100% Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Invisible Daily Sunscreen. It’s light-colored, without white casts to it. It is a smooth texture; it’s almost like a primer for makeup. The vegan sunscreen blends transparent for superior mineral protection, with a smooth appearance.

I am awestruck by the fact that this sunscreen is not sticky, greasy, or heavy. It’s free of the chemicals that make sunscreens unpleasant and contains only minerals like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide and the brand’s antioxidant blend. This means that it doesn’t cause irritation to the skin or leave any chalky or white casting in its wake; it does not clog the pores. It blends into the skin seamlessly and does what it is supposed to by protecting skin and giving it the perfect look. I’m completely impressed.

There is a very slight smell that disguises the familiar mineral scent of sunscreen, but it’s light and very pleasant if you want to ask me. It creates bliss Block Star even more of a summer must.

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