The secret to looking and feeling younger is a tangled one. It could have a different meaning, but it’s something my friends and family members ask frequently.

“Teri, do you have any tips to look any younger?”. Well, sure I do. But to look younger, you need to feel young, too.

Many of these ideas may seem obvious however it’s because researchers have done many experiments to discover ways to speed up the process of aging. There are a few other things we can try but I’d say that the most important thing for us to do is to be constant in living a healthy lifestyle , which includes doing some form of exercise and good eating habits.

10 Tips to Look & Feel Younger


It’s impossible to stop time or natural changes however, we can appear younger if we put in some effort to reduce the process of aging.

  1. Detox It’s important to detox at least twice a year. The process of detoxification helps eliminate harmful substances in our body. Our body’s metabolism has done that process, but daily we are exposed to lots of other substances, from chemicals and pollutants from the environment to unhealthy foods we consume. There are a lot of great “cleanses” out there; I like the one I’m using.
  2. Sleep Sleep and at least 6-8 hours per day, is essential to looking and looking and feeling younger. As you sleep the cells of your skin renew when your growth hormone functions more efficiently during sleep. This rejuvenates the old cells of your body which includes your skin cells. You’ll appear younger and refreshed if you continually get the best night’s sleep.
  3. Food: Eating healthy food every single day will make you feel and look good on the inside. It is said that your diet is the most important thing you’ll ever eatwhich is what you will see. Make sure you eat more fish and less red meat. Include fiber-rich food items including fruits, vegetables and vegetables and a variety of supplements are crucial. On the other end of the spectrum is drinking less sugar and caffeinated beverages will give you a more fresher appearance and feel. Don’t forget to drink at least 8 – 10 glass of water a daily.
  4. Exercise Incorporating the exercise routine into our daily lives and lifestyle, we’ll feel more relaxed and more energetic in the long run, and also give us a sense of confidence. A well-executed exercise program can increase strength and bone density and can make us look younger, too.
  5. Relax The art of avoiding stress is not easy to do, I’m sure however, if we try to relax overall and look better relaxed and appear younger. Stress compounded by worry and fear appears on our faces. Learning to manage anxiety and be at peace can be beneficial both on the inside and outside.
  6. Stay positive: A positive outlook will reduce stress. As I mentioned above, stress shows on your face and may make you appear older.
  7. Health Checkups: Plan your annual health check-ups! The body needs attention and care to ensure it is able to function properly every day. Having routine medical exams is vital to identify any health issues as soon as possible.
  8. Active Lifestyle: Try to remain active, and I don’t only mean exercise. Any type of activity will improve your health. Yes, things like exercise, group activities with friends shopping, work, puzzles, and games. Being active helps keep your mind and body in top shape.
  9. Social life: Making friends, and maintaining a social life (even when you are far away) is super important for our overall health. When we stay in touch with our family, friends neighbours, colleagues and so on. Our lives are fuller and greater happiness.
  10. products: Start to look at the products you use for your skin and sort out the bad from the good. I, for one, can easily overindulge myself in the amount of products out there, and I like to come up with a plan that is specific to my skin each season. A great anti-aging skin care routine that is formulated with retinol C, antioxidants and daily sunscreen are essential for keeping your skin looking younger.

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